SoundBridge M1000


  • Connects to your stereo to play your PC or Mac digital music anywhere in the house
  • Wired and wireless ethernet netwroking built-in
  • Built-in support for Windows Media Connect and Windows Media Player 10
  • Built-in support for Apple Rendezvous and iTunes
  • Built-in support for services using Windows Media DRM 10 such as Napster and Musicmatch
  • Browse, select and control your music using the large, bright SoundBridge display and remote control
  • SoundBridge offers both Coax and Optical SPDIF digital out for connecting to your stereo
  • Connect up to ten SoundBridges to one computer running Windows Media Connect

Mini review/HOWTO: Roku Soundbridge M1000: How to setup your home stereo wirelessly.

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